CWCREP, CANADIAN WOMEN'S COUNCIL of REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS is delighted to offer Exclusive Membership to our Professional Network soon!


Nationwide, women realtors, growing teams, increasing broker/managers, boutique real estate business owners, business coaches & trainers, protech developers & industry strategic partners are dominating the residential real estate market in Canada.


Recently, we have seen a surge of women achieving exponential growth in positions of leadership, broker/owner, management, coaching & development, teaching at corporation & association levels and more, especially over the last few years. But there is much work still to be done.

Our Membership recognizes these women for their continued work & contributions to make our industry inclusive, dynamic and well-informed of the exciting new & progressive roles women are achieving outside of sales. Stay tuned as we grow this new platform to be your resource to success in The Canadian Real Estate Industry.

As the revolutionary foundation of CWCREP evolves, we will be sharing our Membership plans with you all. We have also created a Vision and a Corporate Responsibility Plan that will project our future goals to past, present & future members.